Frequently Asked Questions

How are the leaderboards ranked?

Leaderboards are ranked by Kill/Death Ratio. Kill/Death Ratio (KDR) is the best way available to us for measuring a player's skill in Star Wars Battlefront 2. However; getting kills isn't the only way to rank in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Team players who go after spawn points or try to take out enemy tanks, space frigates, etc, may not get as many kills but they often get more points in game. SWBF2Stats' leaderboards are sortable by column so you can click on Total Score, KDR, Total Kills, or any data column to sort the leaderboard by your preference.

When are the leaderboards updated?

All active leaderboards that have had a current server file are updated nightly at 12 am EST. Each leaderboard has a "Last Updated" date/time stamp which notes when the server admin last uploaded their server stats.

What is the Server type Sort on the Main Leaderboard pages?

You can view the leaderboards by Active Servers, Archive Servers or All (both active and archive).

Active servers are servers that are currently registered at SWBF2stats and submitting their server statistics on a regular basis.

Archive servers are servers that submitted their server statistics at one point in time but the server is no longer up.

All combines both Active and Archived server statistics.

Why do some players score differently on one server than another?

Server settings can drastically affect scores. We suggest checking the server settings listed for each server. Server settings such as Friendly Fire Off, Bots On, Heroes On, etc can affect how well a player will score.

I changed my name and my score doesn't carry over, can you fix that?

No. Stats are currently tracked by unique name & keyhash, so when you change your name you start a new name for your keyhash with fresh player stats.

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Server Administrator's FAQ

How do I register my server with SWBF2stats?

You must be a Star Wars Battlefront 2 server administrator with server file access. If you'd like to set up your server, click the Register Server menu option at the top of this page and complete all fields on the register form. Add any comments or questions you might have and click 'Submit'. You should receive an email within 24 hours to set up your account.

How do I keep my server's leaderboard up to date?

You must have access to your 'statistics.csv' file on your SWBF2 game server, and you'll need an ftp program to upload your statistics.csv file to the SWBF2stats website (a good free FTP client is FileZilla). All Star Wars Battlefront 2 Statistics' leaderboards are updated nightly @ 12 am est with any new statistics.csv files that have been uploaded. If you upload your statistics.csv file nightly, your leaderboards will update nightly. Your leaderboards are as current as you'd like them.

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