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This site collects game statistics exclusively for the game "Star Wars Battlefront II". We provide leaderboard statistics for Battlefront II game servers based on game type, factions, maps and individual player stats (kills, deaths, score and K/D ratio).

If you're an SWBF2 server admin, you can use our Keyhash Search tool to help identify players on your SWBF2 game server. Search results provide alias' that players are also playing under as linked through their Battlefront 2 CD hash ONLY and checked against our database of participating servers (past and present) that have submitted their leaderboard stats.

Players can use our Player Search option to look up their overall playing statistics or search their stats on a particular server by using the Server Search form located on each server's Leaderboards page.

This is a free service. Any and all Star Wars Battlefront II server administrators are welcome to join the leaderboards and submit their server stats. Server stats are added to our global stats database and also sorted for server admins to have their own leaderboards based on their own server's stats and players. Participating server admins may choose to have their leaderboard stats listed publicly on our site, or have them listed via a private link only viewable to those with the link (your own community members).

All submitted server files are updated automatically to the leaderboards nightly, so you can upload your statistics.csv file daily, weekly or monthly on your own schedule. The stats listed on our leaderboards are as "current" as you (the server admin) want them to be.

We support both the PC version and PS2 version of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 game.

Interested in submitting your server's stats? Check out our FAQ and click Register Server to begin registration. After you submit the form, you should receive an email within 24 hours with information to set up your SWBF2 stats account.

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